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DMA Values


We will act with the highest professional ethics, honesty, and character in all dealings with our clients, our business partners, taxing authorities, and each other. We will earn the trust of others and safeguard it fiercely.

Exceptional Client Service and Results

We will understand our clients’ needs, deliver exceptional client service experiences, and achieve results that exceed our clients’ expectations.


We will collaborate and support each other across our business for the benefit of our clients, our business partners, the company, and each other.


We will cultivate and preserve a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and trust – a culture that recognizes, appreciates, and respects each employee-owner’s perspective and differences and that allows us to achieve our potential as professionals and as individuals. We will stand together as a family, and we will not tolerate conduct that does not dignify and show respect for others.


We will deliver on our commitments to our clients, our business partners, and each other. We will not
over-promise. We will do what we say (and more), and we will take great pride in and stand behind our work.

Shared Ownership

We will think and act like owners of the company, because we are. We will celebrate success and overcome challenges together as the DMA family. We will contribute to the company’s prosperity and growth, realize personal and professional growth, and be rewarded as our clients and DMA succeed and grow.

Certified Employee Owned Grit

We will work hard, smart, and efficiently. We will go the extra mile for our clients, business partners, and each other.  

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