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Tax Pulse- Quebec Update

by DMA Staff | Jan 31, 2017
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2017 is an important year for the Province of Quebec. This is the year that the Island of Montreal re-assesses for another three years, ending in December 2019.
Known as cycle three, this new assessment roll comprises the City of Montréal with the heart of Quebec business. This includes the central business district as well as most major industrial hubs like Ville St. Laurent, Dorval, Lasalle and Lachine on the west island, while the east island will find industrial hubs namely Anjou, Montréal-Est, and Riviere-des-Prairie.

The cycle includes small outlying municipalities like Sorel-Tracy, Mirabel among smaller industrial centers.

The new cycle updates the valuation reference date from July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2015. What is interesting to note based on earlier sales and market indicators is that the industrial and commercial sectors have seen a decrease in overall assessments. The office sector has seen a slight increase over that same 3-year period to something less than 7 percent. 

Notices have been finalized by the assessment authorities and have started to trickle out since late November. There is no consistency to where the notices get mailed. They sometimes get sent to the local facility and, in other instances, to corporate head offices.  

That is an important document to have. It often includes the tax bill for the year, and it will be required since it details the appeal fees related to the property are detailed.

Appeal fees in the province of Québec are the highest in Canada.

 Value  Fee 
 Less than $100K
 $100K up to $249,999
 $250K up to $499,999
 $500K up to $999,999
 $1M up to $1,999,999
 $2M up to 499,999,999
 $5M and up

If you have received your notices, please send a copy to your consultant and have a discussion. If you have not received your notices, please advise us, and we can assist in obtaining a copy. The copy is not a replacement of the actual notice but can guide us.

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