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Changes at the Assessment Review Board (ARB)

by DMA Staff | Jan 05, 2018
Tax Bulletin

The ARB is changing the way they do business. They have revised their rules in an effort to resolve the existing backlog of appeals, and to ensure all current appeals are scheduled within the current four-year assessment cycle (2017 through 2020). These changes will bring the ARB in line with other Tribunals/Boards in Ontario.

The changes start with a significant modification in how the Assessment Review Board has scheduled appeals compared to prior assessment cycles. The timeline is a standardized flow of dates that will be applied to all appeals. It is expected that appeals will be resolved throughout the process, but it should be noted that the process could take in excess of 60 weeks from start to finish if no negotiated settlement is achieved.

Scheduling of the 2016 Current Value Assessment (CVA) appeals is finally underway. The earliest “Commencement Date” for the 2016 CVA appeals was November 15, 2017. It should also be noted that any outstanding 2012 CVA appeals that aren’t substantially completed will be grouped together with the 2016 CVA appeal for a particular property.

The ARB is proposing to post the Master List of all Commencement Dates for all appeals on the Board’s Website. This Master list posting will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have any questions regarding the scheduling of your appeal, please reach out to myself or the tax manager on your file.

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