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  • Tax Pulse by DMA Canada

    by DMA Staff | Feb 08, 2016
    Tax Pulse is a tax information periodic intended to be DMA Canada’s way of keeping its clients aware and current. Since taxation is a daily certainty, Tax Pulse will provide you a Canadian snapshot on property tax. Tax Pulse will touch on and inform of recent court cases on sales/HST, property taxes or others topics impactful on taxation and be a dependable resource of current tax happenings.
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  • Durham & Wake County Revals Coming Soon

    by DMA Staff | Oct 23, 2015
    If you own commercial or industrial property in either major North Carolina jurisdiction, you should be preparing now for the upcoming reappraisals that are effective for the 2016 tax year. As you may or may not be aware, these new valuation notices will be issued as early as the first couple of weeks in December of this year.
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  • Property Tax: It’s Based on Value-in-Exchange, not Value-in-Use

    by DMA Staff | Oct 02, 2015
    A very protracted property tax case finally came to an end last month, when the North Carolina Supreme Court denied a county’s request for review. Many who track such litigation will be familiar with the “Parkdale Mills” cases…for those who aren’t aware, I’ll offer what I think is the most important observation.
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