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Completely Compliance- Update on Daily Remittance Programs

by DMA Staff | Oct 12, 2017
DMA_CC_Remittance Program
In the last newsletter, we provided information on daily remittance programs in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The bills would have required that taxpayers engage with electronic payment processors so that the processors can remit tax collected by the taxpayer to the state on a daily basis.

While the daily remittance bill SB 1047 for Connecticut was tabled, other remittance allowances passed in HB 7312. Signed on July 7, 2017 by the Governor, this bill will allow the commissioner to require a person who has delinquent liability to remit on a weekly basis. Certain time restrictions and notifications apply.

Similarly in Massachusetts, language was taken from Senate and House bills regarding this matter and put into HB 3800, which was signed by the Governor on July 17, with some vetoed sections. While it did pass, the language in the bill requires the commissioner to consider many factors in regard to the impact on businesses while developing the regulations for daily remittances. In addition, if the commissioner determines that it is not cost effective, no further action will be taken to implement the new process. The commissioner must make his determination by November 1, 2017.