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Unlocking Tax Department Resources

by DMA Staff | Sep 26, 2017
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Many of the Fortune 1000 Tax Departments have fixed budgets and gaining approval from upper management for special projects can be challenging.

DuCharme, McMillen & Associates (DMA) has helped many of these companies create resources for special projects by bundling the cost of these services with our performance based Sales and Use Tax (SU), State Income Tax (SI), and Business Personal Property Tax Refund Reviews (BPP).

Many companies have potential refunds in the SI, SU, and/or BPP areas typically going back three years from date of filing or payment date, depending on the jurisdiction statutes.  DMA has been effective at obtaining refunds on behalf of our clients and employing the proceeds to offset costs for non-budgeted projects.

Our reviews include identification of potential refunds, exposure due to underpayment or non-compliance, and provide guidance going forward with respect to areas of deficiency. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your local DMA office (linked text) to schedule a feasibility study to determine if this approach can work for you.