COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update

Property Tax | Filing Extensions by State

Effective September 15, 2020, we have paused updates to the tracking charts that we have maintained since March, as COVID-related legislation and updates have slowed significantly. We will continue to monitor state legislation and updates and will update our COVID-19 resources as necessary and will post blogs to keep you informed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, jurisdictions across the country are making changes to payment, filing and appeal deadlines. Based on the impact of this crisis to capital markets, corporate productivity, capacity utilization and cash flow, the days ahead may be some of the most critical in recent memory for corporations to ensure that their property tax assessment valuations are carefully evaluated and managed. We stand ready to help.

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Below are known responses from various jurisdictions around the country. Please check back routinely for periodic updates. Thank you to our clients for the privilege of serving you in your property tax matters.

  Baldwin       Closed to public for in-person visits, but still in office for calls  3/31/20
  Blount       Closed to public for in-person visits, but still in office for calls  3/31/20
  Calhoun        Closed; Tentatively set to reopen April 6th  3/31/20
  Chambers        Closed to public for in-person visits, but still in office for calls  3/31/20
  Dekalb        Lobby closed through April 3rd; available by phone or online  3/31/20
  Etowah        No in-person hearings, hearings will still be held using video conferencing   3/31/20
  Jackson        Closed through April 6th    3/31/20
  Limestone        Closed to public for in-person visits, but still in office for calls   3/31/20
  Madison      4/17/20 Office is closed indefinitely. They released notices prior to closing for some properties with an April 17 deadline. Real estate values have been updated online.   3/31/20
  Marshall        Closed through April 6th    3/31/20
  Mobile        Closed; Tentatively set to reopen April 6th   3/31/20
  Maricopa  6/30/20     Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora today asked the Arizona Legislature to extend the deadline for property owners to pay the second half of 2019 property taxes to June 30th. Taxes on all commercial and residential properties are currently due and are considered past due May 1st. 

The Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office is also asking the Legislature to give all County Treasurers throughout the state the authority to waive all penalties and interest associated with any delinquent property tax. 
Maricopa 4/21/20 Assessor Eddie Cook announced that all in-person service will be performed by appointment only, if necessary, effective Wednesday, March 25, andencourages property owners and residents to utilize electronic means and telephone to conduct their business with the Assessor’s Office. 2021 real property appeal deadline of April 21, 2020 has not been extended or postponed. 3/25/20
ARKANSAS 5/31/20 PP returns are still due 5/31/20 3/31/20
  Benton        Office closed to public indefinitely, taxes can be paid online   3/31/20
  Pulaski        Office closed to public indefinitely, you can reach them via phone at 501-340-6170 or access information online   3/31/20
  Washington        Office closed to public indefinitely, taxes can be paid online   3/31/20
CALIFORNIA 5/6/21 6/1/20
Division 1 of the Revenue and Taxation Code (including sections 75.52, 2610.5, 2618, 2922, 2705, and 4103)is suspended until May 6, 2021 to the extent that it requires a tax collector to impose penalties, costs, or interest for the failure to pay taxes on property on the secured or unsecured roll, or to pay a supplemental bill, before the date and time such taxes became delinquent, and a tax collector shall cancel such penalties, costs, and interest provided all of the following conditions are satisfied.

On July 31, 2020, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-72-20, extending the deadline within which a County Assessment Appeals Board must render a decision until January 31, 2021, for any pending assessment appeal filed with a County Assessment Appeals Board on or before March 4, 2020.
Los Angeles Los Angeles County announced the closure of its buildings to the Public effective Monday, March 16, 2020 and until further notice as a precautionary measure to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This letter is notice of the postponement of the scheduled Assessment Appeals Board hearing above to an unspecified future date until further notice. This postponement, based upon the Governor of the State of California's Executive Order N-25-20 (dated March 12, 2020) and the direction of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on March 15, 2020, closes all County facilities to the public until further notice. The closure of County facilities is intended to limit the treat of COVID-19 and to further efforts to minimize infection by limiting public gatherings and social distancing. Notice of the new hearing date will be sent upon release of the Governor's Executive order and further direction from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. 5/15/20
Madera The Governor issued Executive Order N-33-20 requesting California residents stay at home out of concern for the health and safety of our communities. Due to the rapidly changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the Assessor’s Office and the Clerk of the Board have mutually agreed to suspend all Assessment Appeal Board meetings and scheduled hearings from April through September 2020. The Clerk of the Board’s office will notice all applicants of rescheduled hearings at a date later to be determined. 3/25/20
Riverside The Riverside County Assessment Appeal’s Board had cancelled all assessment hearings from now thru the end of June. 3/25/20
  Sacramento     6/1/20   The county states the last day before a 10% penalty is applied to late filed statements is June 1, 2020.   5/4/20
San Francisco Employees at the Assessment Appeals Board are working remotely; office was to be closed until at least March 20. Hearings were being postponed. The city/county of San Francisco taxpayers unable to pay timelyfor reasons related to COVID-19shouldsubmit a request for a penalty waiver online. 3/25/20
COLORADO All Counties Waived Interest     Gov. Jared Polis has signed into law his first bill coming out of the second half of the 2020 legislative session, and it’s one that could impact business owners. House Bill 1421, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Dylan Roberts of Avon and Republican Rep. Lori Saine of Dacono, allows counties and non-home-rule city governments to waive interest penalties on residential or non-residential property-tax payments that came in late. Home-rule cities already have that power and some, including Denver, have taken such steps already during the coronavirus pandemic. 6/16/20
  Denver  4/20/20     The Denver Department of Finance is waiving late interest on property tax installment payments, effective immediately, through April 20. As instructed by Mayor Michael Hancock, the finance department will apply the waiver to installment payments that were late as of March 20. Any property owners who paid the late interest on or after that date will be fully reimbursed.   3/30/20
  Eagle    TBD - Extended    The Assessor’s Office is working with the Colorado Division of Property Taxation to postpone the upcoming personal property reporting deadline. Because most Colorado businesses are not operating or have limited staff and resources due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, late filing penalties and fees will be waived for the April 15 filing of Personal Property Declarations.    4/2/20
  El Paso    8/1/20   El Paso County Assessor Steve Schleiker has extended the 2020 Personal Property Declaration Schedule filing from April 15 to Aug. 1. Schleiker also waived all penalties and possible arbitrary assessments for all county businesses for tax year 2020.   3/31/20
  Larimer    6/15/20   The Larimer County Assessor’s Office announced Friday that it will extend the deadline to file 2020 business personal property declarations from April 15 to June 15.    4/3/20
CONNECTICUT The state has issued a “shelter in place” ordinance effective March 23rd to April 22nd for which non-essential workers must work remotely. Therefore, all Board of Assessment Appeals hearings have been postponed indefinitely or cancelled. The June 1st deadline for filing income and expense reports has been extended indefinitely without incurring the 10% penalty. As of 4/15/20, the state has approved the Deferment Program, which allows for qualifying businesses to defer payments of all municipal taxes, water, sewer and electric charges for up to three months from the time the bill became due and payable. This program is subject to local legislative body aproval, which must be determined by 4/25/20. The state is also allowing for a Low Interest Rate Program on all municipal taxes, water, sewer and electric payments for qualifying taxpayers, which provides for a discounted rate on paying any delinquencies relating to these payments for 90 days. Individual municipalities must offer one, or both, of these programs. 5/18/20
DELAWARE The Public Service offices in the state are now closed until further notice.However, the initial deadlines for appeals were prior to these closures.If an appeal has gone beyond the initial level, it our understanding these will be postponed to a later date. 3/25/20
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA see details 4/30/20 The valuation appeal deadline was extended to April 30 (from April 1). Likewise, submission of the “Income & Expense” surveys was extended to April 30. Hotels & Motels received an extension for first-half installments to June 30 (from March 31). We understand that assessor inspections (required for certain appeals or mediation) may be postponed until further notice. 3/25/20
FLORIDA 4/15/20 4/15/20 DOR extended payment due date from March 31 to April 15. Returns for railroad, railroad terminal, private car and freight line companies have been extended from April 1 to April 15. Returns filed with counties are due April 1st, but they grant automatic extensions until May 1st if requested before the original due date.  3/31/20
  Brevard     5/15/20   All personal property accounts have been granted an automatic 15-day extension.   4/3/20
  Hillsborough     5/1/20   All personal property accounts have been granted an automatic 30-day extension   3/31/20
Lee All county offices have been closed through April 3rd. 3/25/20
  Miami-Dade     5/1/20   A 30-day extension will be granted for taxpayers who don't meet the April 1st return deadline. If possible, an extension should be requested by April 1st.    3/31/20
  Orange    5/15/20   All personal property accounts have been granted an automatic 45-day extension   3/31/20
  Palm Beach     5/18/20   All personal property accounts have been granted an automatic 45-day extension.   4/3/20
  Pinellas    5/15/20   All personal property accounts have been granted an automatic 45-day extension   3/31/20
GEORGIA 4/1/20 Return deadline is still 4/1, but various counties are allowing returns to be filed via email. 3/25/20
Dekalb As of March 16, assessor’s office was closed to the public. All BOE hearings were being rescheduled to an unspecified future date. 3/25/20
Fulton All appeal hearings before the Board of Equalization, a Hearing Officer or at Superior Court are being postponed. 3/25/20
Cook The Cook County Assessor’s Office has suspended the mailing of assessment notices and appeal deadlines until further notice. 3/25/20
INDIANA 5/11/20 6/15/20 The state has issued an order that waives penalties on late-paid, non-escrow taxes (real and personal property). The due date remains May 11, but can be paid through July 10 without penalty. The Indiana governor issued an executive order extending person property tax return deadline to June 15, but can be paid through July 10 without penalty.This extension also applies to abatement forms that are normally due on May 15. 4/24/20
IOWA 3/31/20 Second installment due March 31; penalties & interest will be waived for late payers while the state’s Public Health Disaster Emergency is in effect. 3/25/20
Scott 4/30/20 Scott Co. granted an extension on second installment payments (made before 4/30), with no penalty or interest. 3/25/20
Polk 4/30/20 Polk Co. offices are closed to the public and all business is being conducted over the phone or email. Value notices are still slated to be mailed on March 31 if there was a change in value, with the informal review period remaining April 2-25 and the formal deadline April 30. Oral hearings will not be held this year. 3/25/20
KANSAS DOR closed offices until April 6th. Counties have moved all in-person hearings to phone hearings. 3/25/20
KENTUCKY 7/15/20 7/20/20 Effective March 16, the KY DOR has suspended receiving walk-in customers and cancelled all previously scheduled appointments. The property tax calendar has been delayed by 60 days. The personal property tax filing deadline has been extended to July 15th. The tax roll inspection period for real property will now begin on July 6th and end on July 20th. 4/9/20
LOUISIANA ALL COUNTIES Governor signed Proclamation 59 JBE 2020; extending legal and administrative deadlines in Title 47 (Rendition deadline) June 5, 2020. 5/22/20
MAINE see details City of Auburn extended property tax payment deadline from March 14 to April 1. Town of Dresden will waive interest on taxes due April 1, if made by May 1. City of Portland extending second-installment deadline from March 20 to June 1. City of Portland has delayed the timeline for the issuance of revaluation notices, which were originally scheduled for May. A new timeline has not yet been determined. 5/11/20
MARYLAND 7/15/20 Department of Taxation is requiring all hearings be held via telephone or in writing. Some counties have postponed all hearings to an undetermined future date. PP return due date is now July 15th. 3/25/20
MASSACHUSSETTS Many assessors offices (such as Cambridge) are closed to the public. The state Appellate Tax Board has basically closed public functions until further notice, during the state of emergency. Some local Board of Assessment Offices have requested 30 day extensions for decisions relating to appeals. 3/25/20
MICHIGAN 7/31/20 Effective March 24, the Michigan Governor issued a three week “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. Prior to that, the Michigan Department of Treasury had closed its office to the public. Effective May 14th, the May 31st Michigan Tax Tribunal (“MTT”) deadline for assessment disputes as to property classified under section 34c of the GPTA as commercial real property, industrial real property, developmental real property, commercial personal property, industrial personal property, or utility personal property is extended to July 31. 5/18/20
MINNESOTA Local assessing offices are operating with skeleton crews and are not allowing in-person meetings or site visits. MN hearings are scheduled to be heard over the next 4-6 weeks; however, each jurisdiction will be making a determination on how to hold them in the coming days. 3/25/20
MISSISSIPPI 5/1/20 TBD The return filing deadline of April 1st has been extended to May 1st per the DOR. This does not include the Freeport Inventory Exemption forms that are due on March 31st, although some counties are allowing them to be included in the extention. The due date for assessors to send tax rolls to the board of supervisors has been extended for 30 days until 8/3/2020, which could extend the deadline for appeals. 4/6/20
MISSOURI In response to COVID-19, many counties are limiting public access to their buildings and meeting spaces where STC Appeal Proceedings, such as Prehearing Conferences and Evidentiary Hearings, are held. County services will be available online, by phone or email/regular mail. 3/25/20
NEBRASKA 7/15/20 The Nebraska Governor issued an executive order waiving all filing penalties through July 15th for returns due May 1st. 4/28/20
Lancaster Lancaster Co. office is operating business as usual with the exception of no walk-ins. 3/25/20
NEW JERSEY 5/1/20 New Jersey has extended the filing deadline for property tax appeals at the county boards of taxation to July 1, 2020 for counties operating under the 'traditional' assessment calendar of April 1, 2020. Boards will have until September 30, 2020 to render a decision. However, counties operating under the alternate assessment calendar (currently Monmouth and Gloucester Counties) have not had their filing deadline extended beyond the original January 15, 2020 deadline. 6/3/20
NEW MEXICO The majority of New Mexico State Assessed Property Division’s employees are teleworking from March 16 – April 5. The state has requested state-assessed property returns (mining, utilities, pipeline, etc.) be submitted via email. The correspondence we received indicated the returns should be sent to Elaisa Romero, State Assessed Property Bureau Chief, at, however if you have another contact at the state, it may be prudent to confirm whether Ms. Romero should receive all returns. 3/25/20
Monroe 4/30/20 City of Rochester extended Q4 payment deadline from March 31 to April 30. 3/25/20
  Nassau        Nassau County has extended its appeal deadline to April 30, 2020.   4/6/20
NORTH CAROLINA All Department of Revenue service centers are closed. Many county offices are closed or operating on reduced schedules. 3/25/20
  Mecklenburg    7/15/20   Mecklenburg County is extending personal property return filings until July 15. To be eligible, taxpayers have to have requested an extension before January 31 that was granted until April 15, file a Waiver Request Form (which the county will be issuing soon on the assessor's website) by July 15th and file the return on or before July 15.   4/14/20
  Wake        The Wake County BOER will not hold any appeal hearings in April or May.   4/6/20
OHIO Ohio Board of Tax Appeals has cancelled all hearings through the end of March. 3/25/20
Cuyahoga 3/31/20 Board of Revision appeal hearings have been postponed until at least April 10. Deadline to file appeal remains March 31. 3/25/20
OKLAHOMA 4/30/20 The Governor and the state Auditor and Inspector have authorized extending the deadline for payment of the second half 2019 ad valorem tax to April 30, 2020. 3/27/20
  Woodward   4/30/20     County Treasurer extended second half property tax payment due date from March 31 to April 30.   3/25/20
  Erie        Board of Appeals offices are closed until further notice and additional time will be provided to taxpayers who wish to appeal their tax assessment. A petition will be accepted either 30 days after the reopening of the Board of Appeals offices, or the original appeal deadlines, whichever is later.   3/27/20
Erie see details City of Erie extending 2% discount for city property taxes from March 31 to April 30; non-discounted due date extended from May 31 to June 30. 3/25/20
RHODE ISLAND see details Informal revaluation hearings are being held by phone. The majority of towns still maintain a due date of March 31st for third quarter property tax payments; however, a few have extended that deadline to April 30th. The Town of Smithfield is one of those towns extending its property tax due date from March 31 to April 30th. 3/25/20
SOUTH CAROLINA 6/1/20 All returns filed with DOR that are typically due in April and May will receive an automatic extension until June 1st. 3/25/20
  Beaufort        Treasurer's office is closed. Tax bills can be paid online.    3/31/20
Williamsburg Reval scheduled for 2020 has been postponed until 2021. 3/25/20
SOUTH DAKOTA DOR office is closed until 3/30. 3/25/20
Minnehaha 4/7/20 Minnehaha Co. is not scheduling any hearings until 4/29 (usually 4/15). In-person hearings may be able to be accomplished via phone hearing, but application to appeal is still due no later than 4/7 for non-locally owned properties. 3/25/20
  Davidson        Office is closed through April 3rd   3/31/20
  Rutherford        Closed to the public, you can call in if needed  3/31/20
  Shelby        Downtown office closed, however you may contact them via phone at 901-222-7000   3/31/20
TEXAS Expect delays with “Notice of Appraised Values”, appeal deadlines, and hearings. 3/25/20
  Statewide        Texas Temporary Exemption for Qualified Property Damaged by COVID-19 Disaster  4/9/20 
  Atascosa        Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020  4/2/20
  Bastrop     5/18/20 Office closed effective March 23 and plans to mail notices April 17 with appeal deadline of May 18. Informal hearings would start around April 23, with formals beginning approximately June 2.  3/25/20
Plans to delay mailing notices to April 18 (from April 1); also seeking to freeze values at prior year levels – in which case, many taxpayers would not receive notice, absent a change. All taxpayers still able to protest the value, whether based on 2020 or prior year freeze.
  Brazoria        Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020   4/1/20
  Collin    5/15/20   Real property appraisal notices mailed May 15, Personal property appraisal notices 2-4 weeks after RE; no in-person meetings, appeal and discussion through e-File system, telephone, or mail; the ARB is working on procedures and currently scheduled to begin hearings around July 6th.
Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020 
  Chambers        Notices of Value will be released May 15th; Extending protest deadline to June 15th.
Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020 
Dallas The Dallas Central Appraisal District's office will continue to be closed through May 15th based on the Dallas County Judge's extended shelter-in-place order due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Staff is working remotely and is answering emails as time and resources allow. The appraisal notice and protest process is under review and the timetable has not yet been determined. Once appraisal notices are released, the protest deadline will be 30 days from that date for everyone, regardless of whether a notice was mailed to you. 5/8/20
  Denton        The majority of Appraisal Notices will be mailed on Wednesday, April 29th. The deadline to file a protest will be 30 days after the postmark on your Appraisal Notice.    5/8/20
  Ellis        Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020 4/1/20
  El Paso        Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline to submit a timely protest has been extended to June 1 or 30 days from the date printed on your appraisal notice.   5/8/20
  Galveston        Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020   4/1/20
  Grayson        Extended protest deadline to June 15th.    5/11/20
Harris Automatic 30-day extension on Renditions, from April 15 to May 15. March hearings are postponed until at least May 5th. 3/25/20
  McLennan        Appraisal Notices delayed to May 5th; Protests must be postmarker or emailed not later than the latter of June 4th or the 30th day after the appraisal notice date.  5/8/20
  Midland        Real property notices of appraised value mailed April 22; deadline to file a protest on real property is May 22, 2020.   5/8/20
  Montgomery    5/15/20   Automatic 30-day extension on Renditions, from April 15 to May 15.    3/27/20
  San Patricio        Extended the rendition deadline to May 15, 2020   4/1/20
Tarrant The county mailed 2020 Property Value Notices on May 1st. The deadline to file a protest for all properties will be extended to June 1st, 2020 or 30 days from the mail date listed on the notice, whichever is later. 5/8/20
  Travis    5/15/20   Rendition filing deadline extended to May 15, 2020. 3/26/20
  Webb    5/15/20   Chief Appraiser reported that most residential and commercial property values will freeze at their 2019 appraised value. This does not apply to new improvements, oil & gas, or business personal property accounts.
Extended the rendition filing and Freeport exemption deadline to May 15, 2020.
  Williamson Plans to mail notices April 14, at the earliest (compared to normal April 1). Automatic 30-day extension on Renditions, from April 15 to May 15. 3/25/20
Washington 5/15/20 City of Montpelier waiving penalty and interest on property tax due date of May 15, if payment is made by June 15. 3/25/20
VIRGINIA The Public Services offices have all closed to the public, with the staff working remotely. Appeals can be filed by email or online, but hearings will be held over the phone. 3/25/20
Albemarle see details City of Charlottesville extending personal property supplements due date from April 3 to April 17. 3/25/20
Loudon 6/5/20 Loudon County extending personal property 1st Installment from May 5 to June 5. 3/25/20
King 6/1/20 King County extended the due date for first half tax payments to June 1 without penalty. However, if the real property taxes are paid through a mortgage company or bank, the April deadline date stays in place. 4/16/20
  Pierce   6/1/20        4/16/20
WEST VIRGINIA The Public Service offices have been closed to the public, with the staff working remotely.The state is encouraging taxpayers to interact with their local assessors and appraisers through email. The initial deadlines for appeals were prior to these closures.If an appeal has gone beyond the initial level, it is our understanding these will be postponed to a later date. 3/25/20
WISCONSIN DOR is not allowing in-person meetings and directing all inquiries to online sources. 3/25/20
Racine 4/30/20 City of Racine 2nd Installment due date extended from March 31 to April 30. 3/25/20




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