Jan 15
Durham County, NC Revaluation
Raleigh, North Carolina
Tuesday January 15, 2019

Durham County, NC is preparing to mail the new 2019 reappraisal (reval) notices. 
Property owners should expect these notices to reflect significant increases, based on overall market appreciation.  However, it is clear that not all sub-markets, asset classes or individual properties increase at the “market average”.  Thus, it is very important that you be prepared to analyze the Tax Assessor’s opinion of value for your specific property.  If inaccurate, the inflated assessment (and excess taxes) could impact you for the next several years – perhaps even when the market has turned and values are declining.  Taxpayers must request an informal review within 30 days of the notice. Are you prepared to review, evaluate, and take action when you receive the new Notices?  Learn more about the Durham County reappraisal process and your company’s rights and responsibilities at a complimentary Roundtable Luncheon. 
Learning objectives and discussion topics:
•          When to expect reval notices, and the deadlines associated
•          What to expect in terms of valuation increases
•          How to be prepared to review, and act, if necessary 

11:15AM – 11:30 AM Registration

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Lunch and Discussion


Seating is limited; please limit company attendance to two people. There is no fee to attend, lunch will be provided, and parking is available.

This seminar is intended for corporate tax leadership. Practitioners and representatives from state and local tax agencies are not eligible to attend unless invited by DMA as a presenter.

If you have any questions about this event or need assistance registering, please contact Kim Wallish at 800-309-2110, ext. 2065.