Sales/Use Tax Overpayment Review

DMA’s Sales/Use Tax Overpayment Review is designed to identify sales/use tax errors and provide proactive recommendations to mitigate future sales/use tax administration errors and inefficiencies.

Our review process is customized to your specific business operations. It includes a review of all sales/use taxes paid, including sales tax paid to vendors, use tax self-assessed, and all sales/use tax paid in state audit assessments. DMA identifies potential overpayments, prepares schedules and supporting documentation, and cites state laws, regulations and court cases to substantiate our findings. With your approval, we file refund claims with states and vendors as required by statute. And, we work with the states and vendors until you receive the sales/use tax refund check(s) or credit(s). Additionally, if during the review DMA identifies potential sales/use tax liabilities, we will report these findings to you so future underpayments can be minimized. 

At the conclusion of our review, our experienced tax professionals provide customized training to your staff. We also provide you with recommended solutions designed to eliminate sales/use tax errors. Oftentimes, the refunds generated by sales/use tax overpayment recovery can be used to fund solutions, thereby relieving necessary budgeting requirements for you.

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