Tax Credits & Incentives

For nearly 30 years, DMA has been assisting clients with their sales/use tax needs. Our expertise and network of multi-state professionals allow clients to realize significant sales/use tax savings. Although savings can come in many ways, an often overlooked option is through the utilization of state and local Sales/Use Tax Credits & Incentives.

State and local taxing jurisdictions may reduce a company’s sales/use tax liability based on proposed capital investment and/or job creation from that business. The benefit is typically in the form of:

  • Rebates on construction materials and/or equipment purchases
  • Point of sale exemptions for certain types of purchases
  • Revenue sharing based on increased sales tax
  • Rebates based on new job creation

DMA offers Sales/Use Tax Credits & Incentives services to provide you with:

  • Identification of sales/use tax incentive opportunities
  • Expert understanding of the tax implications
  • State and local relationships
  • Pursuit and negotiation of a benefit
  • Compliance administration to ensure proper application of the benefit