Overpayment Review

Since the Medical Device Excise Tax originated in 2013, it’s possible that companies may have overpaid this tax. DMA works with you to ensure you are not paying more tax than required. 

DMA’s Overpayment Review is a comprehensive service provided by tax experts. Our review includes the following:

Identification of Taxable/Exempt Transactions

DMA’s proprietary software solution MDETS offers an automated process of determining taxability. DMA also reviews your in-house systems and processes to ensure accurate taxability determinations are being made.

Application of Proper Sales Pricing

DMA reviews all facets that determine the tax base to ensure that accurate pricing is applied.

Application of Exemptions

DMA identifies all possible exemptions and applies any applicable credits on your returns.

Amend Returns

DMA ensures that changes necessitating reporting will be properly returned so that tax reductions may be realized and additional liabilities may be paid with minimal application of interest and penalties.