A Tailored Approach to Managed Services and Technology Support

DMA’s objective is to truly operate as an extension of our clients’ tax department and technical landscape. Our tailored approach to managed services is unique to each client, as we invest the time to build a strong understanding of the inner workings of their business. Leveraging this knowledge and building a collaborative client relationship allows our team to quickly prepare and implement customized solutions, a comprehensive knowledge base, and an optimal support system.

DMA Strengths

checkmark  Dedicated Onshore Team
checkmark  Tax Engine/ERP Certifications
checkmark  Hundreds of Satisfied Clients
checkmark  Compatible with all Major 
         Tax Engines and ERPs 
checkmark  Customized and Flexible Approach
checkmark  End-to-End Partner

Managed Services - Cloud Technology


Acting as an extension of your tax department, DMA’s dedicated managed services and technology support professionals provide integration and configuration support based on your specific requirements. By leveraging our customized approach, our clients can focus on their core business and trust that the integration and processes are running smoothly. 

Tax Engine / Software Configuration

Tax system configuration maintenance such as nexus settings, product mappings, and tax assist logic; create and maintain automation for monthly processing and reporting.

Tax Engine / Software Support

Validate, configure, and test resale certificates; execute reporting in support of month-end and audit activity. 

Monthly Content Updates

Update the monthly tax engine rates and rules within the tax engine and tax reporting software, and provide reporting upon update completion.

SAP Technical Support

Manage the ERP / tax engine integration under either a proactive or reactive system monitoring approach, identify the root cause of any issues, provide solution options, and ensure a timely resolution.

Tax Advisory

Perform audit insurance support, monitor tax engine and business activity to identify the need for jurisdiction registration, prepare files for import into the compliance engine, and perform nexus and taxability research to help ensure the tax system configuration matches client business activities.

Month-End Procedural Support

Prepare and file sales and use tax returns and implement taxability updates under the guidance of the sales and use tax team.