SAP Utilities

DMA has identified gaps between SAP and the tax engines and created aftermarket productivity tools. The utilities extend the reach of your tax system into additional areas of compliance, internal reporting, audit defense, file and data management, as well as the automation of a tax system implementation. These unique applications are licensed directly with you and are time-proven performers with a robust install base. 

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SAP GL Reconciliation Utility

Implementing DMA’s SAP GL Reconciliation Utility will enhance process controls and increase tax compliance accuracy. It compares all postings to the SAP tax liability account with the corresponding entries in the tax system audit file. The comparison is done at a document level using document number and posting date to match postings between SAP and the tax system.

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SAP Tax Debit/Credit Utility

DMA’s SAP Tax Debit/Credit Utility simplifies the posting of tax adjustments in SAP and the proper reporting of these postings in audit files/registers for AvaTax, CCH STO & SureTax, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax, Sovos SUT & TWE, and Vertex L, Q, & O Series. It also handles tax adjustments to general ledger and customer accounts.

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SAP AP Tax Validation Utility

DMA’s SAP AP Tax Validation Utility allows users to efficiently identify significant tax overpayments/underpayments or accruals on AP transactions. The data analysis tool identifies errors caused by the incorrect use of tax codes and the incorrect assignment of account or jurisdiction codes. This utility streamlines the review process, helps identify the root cause of errors, enhances internal controls, and aids in reducing tax inaccuracy gaps.

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SAP Goods Movement Use Tax Accrual Utility

DMA’s SAP Goods Movement Use Tax Accrual Utility helps simplify and automate non-standard, complex transactions subject to consumer’s use tax accrual. 

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SAP Sales Tax Audit Report

DMA has developed the SAP Tax Audit Report that analyzes all relevant postings within SAP general ledger (taxable & exempt) for a given time period, enhanced with tax jurisdictional data from the associated tax engine.

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SAP Certificate Utility

DMA has developed the SAP Certificate Utility that allows management of customer tax exemptions certificates right from the Customer Master screens in SAP.

SAP GeoLink

DMA has developed the SAP GeoLink utility to provide real-time and batch validation, CASS formatting of address data information, and automatic assignment of tax-engine specific tax jurisdiction codes for address data based on street address.

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